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Good Body Posture as a Tool for Positive Mind

All about Good Body Posture for Positive Mind and Positive Thinking » Body Posture for Positive Mind Our body is our main communication tool. We hear frequently about non-verbal communication. We constantly analyze the use of our gestures to avoid misunderstandings and simultaneously interpret others through their bodily gestures. Although the body is capable of communicating even […]

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Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

All about “Superfood” or Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits » By Outrach – Drink UP Introduction Do you know why wheatgrass is called a superfood? That’s because it is absolutely full of essential nutrients, all of them natural. One of the main reasons many people struggle with a myriad of health issues is the […]

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Common Herbs for Weight Loss and Stress Management

All about herbs for weight loss and stress management Herbs for weight loss ︱ How to use herbs ︱ Herbs for stress management Herbs Usage If you’ve tried diets, weight loss shakes, medicated candies, pills, and contraptions that jiggle, squeeze, or shock the fat away, and are constantly starving yet still gaining weight, you’re one of the many millions […]

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Common Medicinal Herbs: Uses and Side Effects

Healing Medicinal Herbs Herbs have been used traditionally as medicines for hundreds of years. Modern medicine is descended form of old-world herbal healing practices that have been fine-tuned and brought to a science. Many of the medicines we still use today are derived directly from medicinal herbs, but their active ingredients are purified and their […]

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Dosha Specific Spice Water – Ayurveda Tips

Beverage Recipes Beverage recipes such as spice water and other ayurvedic juices help to maintain the healthy status of your body and balance the Pitta, Vata, and Kapha dosha. Leverage your liquids with these slurpilicous recipes! Beverages serve multiple purposes: Water and non-caffeinated teas help hydrate your body Teas are made with simple spices and herbs.  The […]