ARC Lens or Anti-Reflection Coating Glasses


All About Anti-Reflective Coating, ARC Lens, Anti-Glare Lens, or ARC Glasses » Definition ︱ARC in Sunglasses ︱History ︱How to Apply ︱Pros & Cons ︱Care of ARC Lens Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC Lens) or ARC Glasses What exactly are anti-reflective coating (ARC) lenses or non-glare coating in eyeglasses, and is it worth it? Today, we will be discussing what this lens enhancement … Read more

Right & Left Eye Twitching Meaning, Superstition, Spiritually (Eyelid Jump)


What does it mean when your left or right eye twitches or jumps? What is the omen, astrological or spiritual meaning of eyebrow twitching? Today’s topic is all about left eye twitching meaning & right eye twitching meaning, superstitions for males and females in different countries. Stay connected.  Superstition & Spiritual Meaning ︱Right Eye Twitching Meaning … Read more

Computer Vision Syndrome (Digital Eye Strain): Glasses, Treatment, & All


All about Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome: Introduction, Causes, Symptoms, Glasses and Treatment» By Jenisha Bhattarai Introduction︱Causes︱Symptoms︱Treatment︱Glasses What is computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain? Technology is an amazing thing. It has developed rapidly to accommodate the needs of the ever-changing world. It makes our lives easier and more convenient, and it … Read more

Eye Health Heroes 2020 by IAPB


All about Eye Health Heroes 2020 by IAPB » Change Makers︱Future Leaders ︱Innovators Eye Health Heroes 2020 “The Eye Health Heroes 2020 innovative program provides the eye health sector with the opportunity to recognize and celebrate frontline eye care staff and managers of age less than 35 years, whose work and involvement in the community makes a … Read more