How to do Natural Eye Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup

If you get bored with your routine glamorous look and want a natural look then you have to start with the natural eye makeup. First to cover your dark circles under the eyes with concealer. Use your fingertip of ring finger or sponge applicator. For creating the natural look to the eye makeup use the mineral eye make up.

Most women prefer to wear Natural eye makeup. Following the tips provided can surely wear Natural eye makeup but with guaranteed elegant looks. These are just very comprehensive and brief tips which will guide you in a very easy way.

However, you may change Natural eye makeup application reliant on your eye shape:

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For a natural eye makeup look always use warm colors as they look more natural. Apply eyeliner should be applied at a minimum possible distance from eyelashes. Smear the line or use the matching eye shadow to soften.

For natural eye makeup applications, you need to have the right tools which consist of two or three natural colors of eye shadow. Warmer colors look great anytime. The strength of color depends on your skin color. In addition to colors, you will need Eyeliner, Mascara, and Eyebrow pencil.

Natural Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Apply brighter eye shadow from lash to brow using nonaligned colors.
  2. Apply mediocre color to the eyelid crease and blend upwards to the brow bone.
  3. Apply dark eye shadow of the color used in step two in the outside curves of eyes.
  4. To animate eyes apply jiffy of shimmers shadow in the inner corners of eyes.
  5. Decorate upper lashes with mascara while emphasizing outer corners.
  6. Fill eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.


First to tweeze your eyebrows with proper arches above the iris, the proper shaping of the eyebrows change the entire look of the face and offers a perfect frame for the eyes.


There are great varieties and techniques in the eyeliner application but for natural-looking, the trick is to apply the liner as close to the lash line as possible and no need to thicken the lines or make them harsh.

The use of two different shades of the liner is usually making the eyes more natural. The lighter shade is used at the inner two-third of the eyes and darker shades are used at the outer one-third part of the eyes. The use of pencil eyeliner is an easy way of lining the eyes. Blend both of them well.


Three shades in eye shadows are used light, medium, and dark. For natural eye makeup looks the neutral shades are used. But if you want to make the eye make up prominent use the cool shades in eye shadows.

Apply the lightest shade from your lash line to your brows.

Now use the dark shade at the crease of the eye, after this apply the medium shade at the outer one-half portion of the upper eyelid from the lash line to crease, and blend it well with the base color.


Apply the eyeliner if retouch is required otherwise finish it with the coat of mascara. To create a natural look avoids the heavy coating of mascara.


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