Left & Right Ear Ringing Meaning: Spiritual Omen & Superstition

What does it mean when your right or left ear rings? What does the ringing in the ears mean spiritually? Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you? Today, you will get useful information about left or right ear ringing meaning, spiritual omen, myths, or superstitions.

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Ringing in the ear is a common experience of almost every human being. The left or right ear ringing due to any medical condition is known as tinnitus. Tinnitus affects about 15-20% of people, especially of old age.

So, if you experience obtrusive ringing sounds or other noises in one or both of your ears, see the specialist to rule out any medical conditions related to ear ringing problems.

If a perfectly healthy individual starts to hear ringing noises or buzzing sensations in their ears, then it might not be related to the physical body or world.

The widely accepted myth or belief is that the sensation of ear ringing is related to the divine sound of the universe and the resonance with the creator’s energy.

Based on the individual experiences, the left or right ear ringing tones can be of different pitch, intensity, and frequencies. The ringing tones might be high pitch or low pitch, irritating or peaceful.


What does the ringing in the ears mean spiritually?

All living creatures are connected to the spiritual world in a variety of ways. Likewise, people in the physical worlds are connected to their guiding Angels, who are trying to send signs and messages to the people.

Ringing in the ear is one of the many ways Angels use to communicate with people. 

From a spiritual or out-of-the-world point of view, the ear ringing is often taken as a sign and signal from the Angels or spirit guides. It denotes the shift in the vibrational states of the human spirit.

Ringing in the right or left ear is a sign that you are developing your psychic or spiritual abilities to peek into or to access the higher realms of existence.

Normally, right or left ear ringing means so many things that are happening on the subtle spiritual level: Third Eye Opening, Clairaudience, Spiritual Awakening, Connection with the Energy Source, among many others.

Differences in Omen or Spiritual Meaning for Ringing in Left or Right Ear

The omens or spiritual meanings of right ear ringing and left ear ringing are totally different and most of the time they have the opposite meaning.

Generally, the ringing in the right ear represents omens (good or bad) or messages from the universe and higher realms, whereas the left ear ringing denotes messages about the physical world.

The Angels and higher spirits use your right ear to relay messages, and it suggests your psychic abilities and the level of connection between you and the universal energy source.

The high-pitched ringing sound in your left ear is often seen as a sign that good luck is on your way. Similarly, the low-pitched buzzing sound in your left ear indicates the negative energy in your space right now.

Right Ear Ringing Meaning Spiritually: Omen, Superstitions, & Myth

The spiritual meaning of ringing in the right ear or hearing a sound in the right ear is a good omen because it indicates any of the following fruitful meanings.

A good fortune is coming your way

Right ear ringing means you are going to experience the spiritual gift in the near future. You might have planned your career or study for the future. You might have faced the job interview and waiting for the result.

Or, you might have just finished your grade examination. Whatever you have wished for, you are going to have it very soon because your guiding Angels are whispering in your right ear a good fortune for you.

Right ear ringing means someone is thinking of or talking about you!

Ringing in your right ear also acts like an alert alarm for you to stay cautious when you trust others. The higher spirit is trying to warn you of the negative thought of other persons about you.

Some people might be praising you at a particular moment, or others might be gossiping about you. You can’t trust all people equally.

A sign that reads “You Are Not Alone”

Although you are in the physical world, you are always being observed by the higher spirits from other realms. So, in situations of uncertainty, the ringing in your right ear can bring a sense of hope, comfort, and certainty.

It is the indication that your guiding Angels are fulfilling their duty of guiding you in any situation and circumstances. You are not alone here as you are interconnected with the spirits of higher realms.

It’s Time to Work on Spirituality

Human beings should have overall physical and spiritual growth to fulfill the goal of life. If you get distracted towards the physical world and forget the value of spirituality, the higher spirit will remind you through right ear ringing to work for spiritual growth.

It is a sign that you have to invest your time into meditation, pray, and other works to strengthen spirituality.

Ringing in Left Ear Meaning, Spiritual Omen, Superstitions, & Myths

In the majority of times, the spiritual meaning of ringing in the left ear or hearing a noise or sound in the left ear is a bad omen because it reflects any of the following meaningful incidences.

Out of Control Situation

Hearing noise or ringing in the left ear indicates the current situation that might be related to a physical, emotional, or mental state which is not working as you planned. Don’t hold onto the situation and move ahead with a new plan.

It doesn’t mean the higher spirits are against your plan, they are just guiding you not to get worried about the situation which is not under your control.

Left ear ringing means a warning (Don’t Move This Way)

If you are heading towards something that is not good for you, the higher spirits will give you a warning sign through the ringing in your left ear.

For instance, you might have started a new job. If you hear a noise or ringing in your left ear, it is a warning sign that the job won’t go well and might be detrimental for you.

Re-Evaluate your Life Moments

When life doesn’t take a course according to your plan, the left ear ringing means you have to re-evaluate your course plan, re-think about your every detail step, and move forward in a new course of life.

Take the ring as a wake-up call and reassess your life with great thought and concentration.

The Difference in Left or Right Ear Ringing Pitch Meanings

Different pitched ringing sounds possess different spiritual meanings as mentioned below.

High Pitched Ringing in Right or Left Ear Meaning

It means your crown chakra or spiritual center is connected with that of the highly evolved beings or Angels

Low Pitched Ringing in Left or Right Ear Meaning

Ringing in the left or right ear with a low pitch is a sign that your lower chakra or survival center is connected to energetic beings. These sounds are related to stress and anxiety.

Buzzing Sound or White Noise Meaning

Buzzing sound in the right or left ear means you are strongly connected to other people in the physical world via the energy chord. Strong bonds between people include the connection between romantic partners, parents, pets, family.

Sudden and Loud Ringing in Left or Right Ear Meaning

The momentary loud noise in the right ear is a sign of alert or attention that your Angel wants from you. The Angel is warning you of situations where you have to be cautious and attentive.

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Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you?

There is a popular saying among people of old ages, “My ears are ringing or burning, someone is talking about me”. Is there something like this? Does ear ring hint that someone is gossiping about you?

The answer to this question is both Yes and No. It totally depends on how strong the energy cord lies between you and the person talking about you.

The cord connects two individuals energetically, and the vibrations created by the talk and feeling of the person get transferred through this cord.

The ringing in the right ear is the sign that someone is thinking about you or gossiping about you.

If the ear ringing is accompanied by a feeling of tiredness, low energy, or depression, it may be a sign that another person is draining energy from you via an energy cord and dragging you down.

This form of energy drain might be useful to heal them, but it’s detrimental to your health.

Other than the energy cord, your guiding angels may be whispering into your right ear to let you know that someone is talking about you, either good or bad.

This might be helpful for you to understand about persons around you, and in your personal space.

What Does the Ear Ringing Frequency Tell?

Not only which ear the noise occurs is important but also how often it occurs. When the buzzing sounds start, pay close attention to how often it happens.

Compare the sound frequency, pitch, and intensity of each ring session.

If they have common features, and happening more frequently, the more important and urgent is the message, and more you should be prepared to face it.

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Is There Anything You can do when your left or right Ear Rings?

The first and foremost step to rule out the cause of the right or left ear ringing is to make sure that there are no health issues related to ear ringing or tinnitus.

If there is no physical cause of ear ringing, then it is definitely spiritual or related to higher realms.

Another important thing to consider is to pay attention to the time and situation, frequency and pitch of noise, and which ear (left or right) you hear the ringing.

This tells you a lot about the spiritual meaning of ear ringing.

If your left ear is ringing, it is a warning sign of negative energy, and now is the time to pay close attention to the people and places around you. Soon, you will find out what the problem is.

Right ear ringing reflects the energy in the universe and indicates your spiritual development. So, work towards spirituality, opening your third eye.

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What are the Medical Conditions Causing Ear Ringing (Tinnitus)?

From a medical viewpoint, ringing in the ear or tinnitus occurs due to changes in the nerve activity of the cochlea in the inner ear. The changes in the nerve activities can be caused by any of the following conditions.

  • Injury to your head or concussion
  • Wax accumulation inside your ear
  • Excessive caffeine intake
  • Medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, some antibiotics, and medicines for blood pressure control
  • Fluid in the inner ear (Meniere’s disease)

If ear ringing persists for several weeks, visit the general physician, or ENT specialist. You will be asked to go for a hearing test (audiogram) to rule out the problem and the causes of the problem. Strictly follow the instructions and medications given by your doctor.

Lastly, if there are no medical conditions related to the ringing of the ear, as we have mentioned earlier, there might be spiritual conditions connected with it.


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