Natural Solutions for Low Libido in Men and Women

Low Libido

From among the instinctual needs of any human being, one is that of sex. However, sexual instinct or sexual drive is not similar in all- it ranges from low to excessive desire for sex. With increasing stress and a “not so healthy lifestyle”, low libido has become more common these days.

The problem of the low sexual drive was present in ancient times too. As such, there are many Ayurvedic treatments for curing this problem.


Ayurveda on Low Libido

There are Ayurvedic therapies for almost all of the known diseases. It also gives treatment for increasing libido which is known as Vaajikarana. This therapy increases the strength of a man to perform a sexual act, just like a ‘Vaaji’ or horse, thus called ‘Vajikarana’. This therapy leads to overall happiness, strength, potency to produce offspring, and increased duration of the erection.

The original scriptures of Ayurveda by Charaka, Sushruta, and Vagbhata, describe such simple remedies that can be followed with the help of easily available ingredients in any kitchen. However, before moving on to these home remedies for increasing libido, one must also know the causes of low sex drive so that they may be avoided.

Causes of Low Libido

Ayurveda mentions the following causes for decreased Libido

• Compulsive sex with a person who is not liked by the partner.

• Anxiety and stress.

• Destruction caused to semen by consumption of spicy, salty, and hot food.

• Overindulgence in sexual activities leading to a low quantity of semen.

• Controlling sexual urges for longer duration leading to obstruction of semen which in turn results in low libido.

• Impotence by birth.

Home Remedies of Low Libido

• Consume eggs of fish/ swan/ peacock/ hen. Fry them in pure ghee before eating.

• Have sweet soup made from the black gram. Mix black gram, rice, wheat, and long pepper in equal quantities. Grind them to make powder. Fry the mixture in pure ghee and then cook it with milk. Eat after adding sugar to it.

• Mix Triphala powder in water. Keep it away for half an hour. Add a tablespoon of pure honey. Have this in the early morning daily.

• Add a teaspoon of honey in a glass of milk and drink. It increases resistance against diseases and gives strength and feeling of wellness, necessary for general health including libido.

Herbal Remedies

Apart from the common ingredients, there are some Indian herbs that also cure the problem of low libido as well as other sexual problems.

Shilajit (asphaltum, mineral pitch)

Shilajit not only increases body immunity but also acts as an aphrodisiac agent by arising sexual drive. It improves blood circulation and thereby maintains proper blood supply to the penis and testicular area. The quality of sperms is improved by this herb and it also increases body vigor. For all its qualities, it is rightly said the Indian Viagra.

Safed musli (curculigo orchioides)

Popular by the name of alternative Viagra, Safed musli is one of the most effective aphrodisiac agents. The roots of safed musli not only increase the sexual drive but also improves physical stamina.

Akarakara (Spanish pellitory, anacylus pyrethrum)

This herb is known as a very good sexual enhancer that not only excellently improves the sexual life of the patient but also makes him perform in such a way that leads to orgasm in his partner. It is used to treat sexual problems like premature ejaculation, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. It also improves sperm count.

Ashwagandha (withinia somnifera)

Ashwagandha increases sexual potential on one hand and solves sexual problems on the other. It improves blood circulation, increases stamina, and enhances sperm count. It is popular by the name of Indian ginseng due to its properties that are similar to ginseng.

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Enhancing Female Sexual Pleasure Using Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, sex is a natural biological drive. Any healthy person who is depriving oneself out of sex may throw him or her out of balance, especially in the case of female sexual pleasure. One of the most essential aspects of healthy living in this age of stress, competition, and busy lives is sex.

It is thus essential that both the partners attain maximum pleasure during sex. Sexual intercourse includes the involvement of all five senses: sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste. According to Ayurveda, lovemaking is a union of body, mind, and soul, which also acts as an emotional bond between husband and wife and of course the culmination of marriage.

Female sexual problems prevent her from experiencing pleasure from a sexual activity which play a major role in breakups, divorces, and extramarital affairs.

Sexual Problems Faced by Females

Pain during intercourse, Lack of desire, Inability to reach sexual climax, Dryness in the vaginal area, etc. are some of the sexual problems faced by females


There are many factors leading to sexual problems in women like medical problems, physical and psychological reasons, lifestyle, and diet. Sometimes, with age, it is difficult to achieve sexual arousal.

Many times, a woman has hundreds of other thoughts in her mind like getting up early in the morning, packing lunch for husband and kids, doing laundry, preparing for a board meeting, etc. At the end of the day, it is very natural that she is too tired to awaken the sexual creature that lies within.

Ayurvedic Tips for Female Sexual Pleasure


The healing benefits of Shatavari are very effective on female sexual related problems. Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus helps in reducing or preventing the women’s problems related to menstrual cycles. It also balances the female hormonal system, besides decreasing the inflammation of female sexual organs and increasing libido.

This herb also helps in fighting morning sickness, tiredness, in regulating ovulation, and also other female problems related to infertility, leucorrhea, etc. Women facing the problems of hot flashes should try a combination of Shatavari and Kama Duba. The herb Shatavari helps in balancing “Pitta dosha”.


According to Ayurveda, an effective way for a woman to enhance her sexual pleasure is by exercising regularly. She should devote at least 1 hour every day for exercise, jogging, walking, etc.


Women having sexual problems should avoid refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. She should have lean meats, chicken, fish, and a lot of vegetables. She should have more full-fat dairy products. Fresh juice is also very helpful. She should have a regular intake of vitamins.

Night Time for Sex 

Sex is an integral part of our daily habits (Dinacharya). That is why Ayurveda recommends two hours after dinner time as the perfect time for intimacy. This is the kapha time.


This is one of the eight disciplines of Ayurveda. It deals with the maintenance of vitality. Vajikarana is the science dealing with the promotion of sexual health. Women seek rejuvenation mainly to retain their youthful beauty and attraction. This can be attained by the concept of Rasayana (rejuvenation).


It is a well-accepted fact that chocolate which contains phenethylamine, a nutrient that enhances mood is very helpful in sexual activity. Artichokes, like wine, is also good for ladies. Though chocolates and wine have nothing to do with Ayurveda, yet this is an essential home remedy for increasing sexual pleasure.

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Boost Libido and Make Your Sexual Life Lively

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Love is an integral part of any relationship. It plays a pivotal role in bringing a couple closer to each other. Therefore, it becomes necessary that your sexual life should also be interesting and remain fresh each day.

Now, when we talk about sexual life, it really becomes important to enjoy sexual life to its fullest. And for this prolonged foreplay is the key to enjoy mind-blowing sex with your partner. To have prolonged foreplay, you need more than just kissing and caressing. Here are some of the exciting tips to make your sex life lively:

Providing Oral Sex to Your Partner

It’s a well-known fact that oral sex is highly exciting, especially when it is performed on a woman. It is considered one of the best warm-up session before intercourse, and will surely make your partner crazy and craving for sex.

Do Everything Slowly

Do not rush to complete your foreplay, its important that you take everything slowly so as to create that sense of sexual anticipation and desire. Explore your partner’s body slowly, do it as if it is the first time you are seeing him or her naked.

Show Him Your Body

It’s not always a great idea to move around the house in sexy lingerie and killer high heel sandals if you want to see instant arousal in your man. It is better to surprise him by doing the dusting totally naked or else wearing a sexy G-string. Men are turned on by what they see so show him.

Enjoy Bathing Together

You both could even enjoy a bubble bath together or a shower together. While bathing, you can give your partner a soothing massage, which would prove to be relaxing as well as exciting.

Proper Body Shape is Must

One way to make your sex life more energetic is to exercise on a regular basis, this will help in keeping both of your bodies in proper shape. The more you and your partner exercise and work out, the more energy you will be able to put into your sex lives in the bedroom.

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