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Eyelid Anatomy: Parts, Layers, and Function of Palpebrae

What is the protective shutter of the eye? What is another term for palpebrae? Today’s topic is all about Eyelid Anatomy (External and Internal), Parts, Layers, and Function. Stay connected. Introduction | Medical Term | Embryology | Function | External Anatomy | Layers or Parts | Blood Supply | Nerve Supply | Problems Definition An […]

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What is Cornea of Eye: Function, Definition, Anatomy, Layers

All about Cornea of the Eye: Definition, Function, Anatomy, Blood Supply, & Nerve Supply of the Cornea of Eye » Definition | Development | Dimensions | Functions | Layers | Nerve Supply | Blood Supply Cornea Definition What is the cornea of the eye? The cornea is defined as the transparent, avascular, dome-shaped, or watch-glass-like […]

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White Part of the Eye: Sclera Function, Definition & Anatomy

What is the white part of the eye called? What is Sclera of Eye? Today’s topic is all about the White Part of the Eye or Sclera: Definition, Sclera Function, Anatomy, Discoloration » Definition | Function | Histology | Landmarks | Blood Supply | Discoloration What is Sclera of Eye? (Sclera Definition) The sclera of […]

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What is conjunctiva of the eye? Definition, Anatomy, Function

What is Conjunctiva? Today’s topic is all about conjunctiva of the eye: definition, anatomy, layers, types, and function » Definition | Function | Histology | Types | Glands | Blood Supply | Nerve Innervation | Disorders What is Conjunctiva of the Eye? The conjunctiva of the eye is a thin, vascularized, semitransparent mucus membrane that […]

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Bulbar Conjunctiva, Palpebral Conjunctiva and Fornix of Eye

All about bulbar conjunctiva, palpebral conjunctiva, and fornix of eye » Bulbar | Palpebral | Conjunctival Sac | Conjunctival Fornix | Plica | Caruncle | Blood Supply | Nerve Innervation  Bulbar Conjunctiva, Palpebral Conjunctiva, and Fornix of Eye Conjunctiva, a fine transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye and the inner lining of […]

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Optic Nerve: Definition, Function & Anatomy

All about optic nerve definition, function, development, anatomy & PPT » Definition︱Function︱Development︱Anatomy︱Blood Supply︱Powerpoint PPT What is Optic Nerve? Also known as cranial nerve II or simply as CN II, the optic nerve is a paired cranial nerve that carries visual impulses from the innermost layer of the eye, retina to the brain. It establishes the […]