Eye in Kidney Diseases: Renal Failure, Transplant & Eye Changes


All about the eye in kidney diseases or renal diseases: ocular changes in kidney failure, transplant, and dialysis, and other eye problems or ocular manifestation of kidney diseases. Kidney Eye Connection︱Alport Syndrome & Eye︱Lowe Syndrome & Eye︱Familial Juvenile Nephronophthisis︱Kidney Failure, Dialysis, Kidney Transplantation & Eye︱Wilms’ Tumor & Eye Problems Introduction to Kidney Diseases The kidneys … Read more

Cirrhosis Eye Symptoms, Yellow Eye, & All Eye Problems in Liver Diseases


All about yellowing of eye, cirrhosis eye symptoms, and other eye problems or ocular manifestation of hepatic or liver diseases. Hemochromatosis & Eye︱Wilson’s Disease︱Jaundice Eye or Yellow Eye︱Cirrhosis Eye Symptoms︱Hepatitis & Eye︱Alagille Syndrome Introduction to Liver Diseases The liver is an accessory digestive gland that rests on the right side of the belly and is … Read more

Most Common Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms


All about Most Common Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms »  A-B︱C-E︱F-K︱L-O︱P-Z︱Symbols Most Common Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms with full forms Health care professionals commonly use medical abbreviations, acronyms, or mnemonics as a reference to search and record information rapidly and accurately. They also use medical abbreviations to give instructions to their patients. As there is no … Read more

Trochlea of Humerus, Femur, Eye, & Other Body Parts


All about Trochlea in the human body: Humeral Trochlea, Femoral Trochlea, Trochlea of Superior Oblique Muscle in Eye, and many more. Stay connected. Introduction︱Humeral Trochlea︱Femoral Trochlea︱Trochlea in Eye Definition In medicine, the trochlea is defined as an anatomical structure that resembles a pully or grooved structure. The term “trochlea” is derived from a Latin word … Read more

Pronator Drift Test: Assessment, Causes & Interpretation


All about Pronator Drift Test or Pyramidal/ Palmar/Arm Drift Test: Assessment, Causes, and Interpretation » Introduction︱Other Names︱Clinical Significance︱Assessment︱Interpretation & Causes Pronator Drift Pronator drift is a popular term in medicine. Also known as pyramidal drift or Barré sign, Pronator drift denotes a pathological sign observed during a neurological test or examination. It can also be … Read more

Lines of Zahn: Feature of Arterial Thrombus


All about Lines of Zahn in arterial thrombus: introduction to thrombus, types, location of Lines of Zahn, its causes, microscopic structures. » Introduction︱Microscopic Structure︱Causes︱Clinical Significance︱Sequelae Thrombus A thrombus is a clotted mass of blood that forms in a vessel and remains there. It can occur anywhere in the cardiovascular system. Unlike thrombus, embolus travels from … Read more

VINDICATE Mnemonic for Differential Diagnosis (or VITAMINS ABCDEK)


All about VITAMINS ABCDEK Mnemonic and VINDICATE Mnemonic for differential diagnosis of any medical conditions » Introduction︱VINDICATE︱VITAMINS ABCDEK︱Explanation Medical Mnemonics Mnemonics are extensively used in the field of medicine, biology, and biochemistry. They are handy tools to memorize any important information from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology to pharmacology. Medical, nursing, and paramedical students have to … Read more

Amino Acids Mnemonic (Essential and Non-Essential): Memorize Fast


How to memorize amino acids? Is there any easy way to remember 20 amino acids? Today’s topic introduces some tricks to remember all amino acids and their classifications. All about Nonessential and Essential Amino Acids Mnemonic, Polarity of Amino Acids, Ketogenic Amino Acids Mnemonic & Glucogenic Amino Acids Mnemonics » Introduction to Amino Acids︱Definition of … Read more

Spermatic Cord Contents Mnemonic – Dirty and Funny


All about Spermatic Cord Contents Mnemonic: Introduction to Spermatic Cord and its contents » Introduction to Spermatic Cord Contents︱Content of Spermatic Cord︱Spermatic Cord Contents Mnemonics to Memorize Fast Definition of Mnemonic A mnemonic or a memory aid is defined as a tool that assists us to remember particular facts or a large quantity of information. … Read more