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Eye Itching in the Corner (Inner & Outer): Causes, Treatment & Remedies

Why are my eyes itchy in the outer and inner corners? What are the home remedies and treatment of eye itching in the corner? Today’s topic is all about Eye Itching in the Corner: Introduction, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedy, and Treatment. So, stay connected. Eye Corners︱Causes & Treatment︱Home Remedies︱Final Thought Introduction Around the world, about […]

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Eyelid Anatomy: Parts, Layers, and Function of Palpebrae

What is the protective shutter of the eye? What is another term for palpebrae? Today’s topic is all about Eyelid Anatomy (External and Internal), Parts, Layers, and Function. Stay connected. Introduction | Medical Term | Embryology | Function | External Anatomy | Layers or Parts | Blood Supply | Nerve Supply | Problems Definition An […]

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White Part of the Eye: Sclera Function, Definition & Anatomy

What is the white part of the eye called? What is Sclera of Eye? Today’s topic is all about the White Part of the Eye or Sclera: Definition, Sclera Function, Anatomy, Discoloration » Definition | Function | Histology | Landmarks | Blood Supply | Discoloration What is Sclera of Eye? (Sclera Definition) The sclera of […]

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Optic Nerve: Definition, Function & Anatomy

All about optic nerve definition, function, development, anatomy & PPT » Definition︱Function︱Development︱Anatomy︱Blood Supply︱Powerpoint PPT What is Optic Nerve? Also known as cranial nerve II or simply as CN II, the optic nerve is a paired cranial nerve that carries visual impulses from the innermost layer of the eye, retina to the brain. It establishes the […]

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Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD) in Eyes

All about Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD) in Eyes: Types, Clinical Features, Measurement, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) » By Aastha Subedi & Jenisha Bhattarai Introduction︱Types︱Clinical Features︱Measurement︱Diagnosis︱Treatment︱PPT Introduction to Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD) in Eyes Dissociated vertical deviation (DVD) is one of the ill-understood forms of strabismus. In this article, we will be talking about an […]

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Bandage Contact Lens (Therapeutic): Indications, Types, Removal, & All

All About Therapeutic or Bandage Contact Lens: Definition, Types, Indications, Complications, Advice, and Removal of Bandage Contact Lens » Definition ︱Types ︱Indications ︱Complications ︱Advice ︱Removal Are you searching for authentic, detailed information about the bandage contact lens or therapeutic contact lens, and its role in the management of corneal disorders? Today, we will be talking about this particular topic, which […]

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Glaucoma in Eye: Symptoms, Prevention, & More

All About Glaucoma in Eye: Definition, Prevalence, Types, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Risk Factors » Definition︱Prevalence ︱Types ︱Symptoms ︱Causes ︱Prevention ︱Diagnosis ︱Treatment ︱Risk Factors What is glaucoma in eye? Glaucoma in eye may be defined as a group of diseases characterized by a triad of optic neuropathy, raised intraocular pressure (IOP), and a specific pattern of visual field defect. In […]

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Swollen Eyelids & Eyelid Bump: Causes, Treatment, & More

All About Swollen Eyelids and Eyelid Bump: Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment » Puffy Eyes Vs Swollen Eyes ︱Symptoms ︱Causes ︱Treatment Swelling of eyelids or eyelid bump Eyelid bump and swollen eyelids are common ocular disorders. Swelling occurs due to excess fluid (edema) or inflammation in the tissues of eyelids. Both upper and lower eyelids can get affected by […]

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Top Ophthalmology Journals Impact Factor Rank or Eye Journals

All about Best Eye Journals or 50 Top Ophthalmology Journals Impact Factor Ranking »  Top 10 Journals ︱50 Top Journals ︱Top 10 Optometry Journals Eye Journals or Ophthalmology Journals Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine which deals with the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of ocular disorders. Ophthalmology journals or eye journals are good resources for eye care […]

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Wavy Squiggly Lines in Vision (Eye Floaters)

Seeing squiggly lines in peripheral vision? Seeing wavy lines in corner of the eye? What are these zig-zag lines in eyesight? Today’s topic is all about these Squiggly Lines in Vision (Eye Floaters) or wavy lines in Vision: Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, Complications, and Treatment » Symptoms ︱Causes ︱Prevention ︱Diagnosis ︱Complications ︱Treatment What are Wavy Squiggly Lines in Vision […]