Elizabeth Taylor’s Eye Color was Purple or Violet: True or False?


Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color has been the source of much speculation over the decades. Some say that she had purple or violet eyes, while others maintain that her true eye color was blue. Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) is best known for her numerous movie performances, including 1963’s ‘Cleopatra’ and 1958’s ‘Cat on a Hot … Read more

Blue Eyes: 13 Interesting Facts, Myths, & Genetics


Blue eyes have long been loved across the world. They are beautiful but generally cold, occurring in fewer than 10 percentages of the world’s population. Much like your skin and hair, the amount of melanin pigment in your irises determines your eye color. Blue eyes are caused by a relative lack of melanin in the iris. Humans’ … Read more

Gray Eyes: Interesting Facts About Rare Eye Color


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Glasses for Square Face Shape (Men & Women)


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Eye Irritation: 18 Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Eye irritation is a common symptom that many people experience, including dryness, itchiness, pain, burning sensation, and grittiness. This can be caused by injuries, eye diseases like dry eye or conjunctivitis One of the most common symptoms of eye irritation is dryness, which can occur either due to an insufficient quantity of tears or due … Read more

Burning Eyes (Why My Eyes Sting?): 9 Causes, & Treatment


Burning eyes or stinging eyes is one of the most common eye issues. Most people have experienced this at least once in their lifetime. If you have been noticing that your eyes have been burning for a while, you should talk to your doctor about the condition. While it may not be serious, it’s in … Read more

Blurred Vision: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment


When you have a clear vision, you can do everything, from driving on the road to reading traffic signs. However, blurred vision can make your daily routine more difficult and can quickly become overwhelming. Blurred vision forces you to live a life where there is no clear focus for anything, you may feel like someone … Read more