Orthokeratology (Ortho-K Lens): Corneal Reshaping Therapy


What is orthokeratology or ortho-k? Today’s topic is all about orthokeratology ortho-k: ortho-k lenses or orthokeratology lenses, introduction, other names, history, advantages, disadvantages, and common myths » Introduction to Orthokeratology | Other Names of Ortho-K | History of Orthokeratology | Advantages of Ortho-K Lens | Disadvantages of Ortho-K Lens | Common Myths Is it possible to … Read more

Parks 3 Step Test: Procedure, App & Calculator


All About Parks 3 Step Test: Introduction, Drawbacks, Procedure, Examples, Reliability, Apps and Calculator» Introduction to Parks 3 Step Test︱Drawbacks of Park’s Three-Step Test ︱ How to Perform Bielschowsky 3 Step Test ︱ Examples ︱ Reliability ︱ Apps and Calculator Parks-Bielschowsky Three-Step Test The Parks 3 step test is also known as Parks-Bielschowsky’s three-step test, Park’s three-step test, or Bielschowsky’s head tilt test. … Read more

Bandage Contact Lens (Therapeutic): Indications, Types, Removal, & All


All About Therapeutic or Bandage Contact Lens: Definition, Types, Indications, Complications, Advice, and Removal of Bandage Contact Lens » Definition of Bandage Contacts ︱Types of Therapeutic Contact Lens ︱Indications of Bandage Contact Lens ︱Complication of Bandage Contact lens ︱Advice ︱Removal of Therapeutic Contacts Are you searching for authentic, detailed information about the bandage contact lens or therapeutic contact lens, and … Read more

Top 10 Optometry Journals [UPDATED LIST]


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Glaucoma in Eye: Symptoms, Prevention, & More


All About Glaucoma in Eye: Definition, Prevalence, Types, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Risk Factors » Glaucoma Definition︱Prevalence of Glaucoma ︱Glaucoma Types ︱Symptoms ︱Causes ︱Prevention ︱Diagnosis ︱Treatment ︱Risk Factors of Glaucoma What is glaucoma in eye? Glaucoma in eye may be defined as a group of diseases characterized by a triad of optic neuropathy, raised intraocular pressure (IOP), and a specific … Read more

Wavy Squiggly Lines in Vision (Eye Floaters): Causes, Treatment


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White Part of Eye Swollen Like Jelly: Chemosis of Eye


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Rings in Eyes (Ophthalmology): Cholesterol, Blue, & More


All About Rings in Eyes or Rings in Ophthalmology: White, Yellow, Copper, Cholesterol, Blue, and More » Rings in Cornea ︱Rings in Iris & Lens ︱Rings in Retina & Orbit RINGS in EYES or RINGS in OPHTHALMOLOGY gives you a comprehensive list of all rings observed in all structures of the eye; from the anterior-most cornea to the posterior retina. This important … Read more

Lines in Eyes (Ophthalmology): Arlt’s Line, Stocker, Schwalbe


All About Lines in Eyes or Lines in Ophthalmology: Arlt’s Line, Hudson Stahli Line, Khodadoust Line, Stocker lines, Vogt’s and Haab’s Striae, and More » Table: List of all Lines in Ophthalmology (Lines in Eyes) Stocker Lines Rucker’s Line Arlt’s Line White Lines of Vogt Schwalbe’s Fingerprint Lines Sampaolesi Lines LASIK Iron Lines Hudson-Stahli Line Waring … Read more

Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes (Ophthalmology)

spots in eyes-dots-in-eyes-ophthalmology

All About Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes (Ophthalmology) » Table: Dots & Spots in Ophthalmology Gunn’s Dots Roth’s Spot Horner-Trantras Dots Koplik’s Spots Kayes Dots Fischer-Khunt Spot Mittendorf’s Dot Krachmer Spots Bitot’s Spot Leopard Spots Elschnig Spots Cherry-Red Spot Fuchs’ Spot Histo Spot Brushfield Spots Cotton Wool Spots Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes … Read more