Wavy Squiggly Lines in Vision (Eye Floaters)


Seeing squiggly lines in peripheral vision? Seeing wavy lines in corner of the eye? What are these zig-zag lines in eyesight? Today’s topic is all about these Squiggly Lines in Vision (Eye Floaters) or wavy lines in Vision: Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, Complications, and Treatment » Symptoms ︱Causes ︱Prevention ︱Diagnosis ︱Complications ︱Treatment What are Wavy Squiggly Lines in Vision … Read more

Chemosis of Eye – Conjunctival Chemosis Causes, and All


All about Conjunctival Chemosis of the eye: Introduction, Classification, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention » Classification ︱Causes ︱Symptoms ︱Treatment ︱Prevention What is conjunctival chemosis of eye? Conjunctival chemosis of the eye is the jelly-like swelling (edema) of the conjunctiva – the outer transparent covering of the inner part of the eyelid (tarsal conjunctiva), and the covering of the sclera … Read more

Rings in Eyes (Ophthalmology): Cholesterol, Blue, & More


All About Rings in Eyes or Rings in Ophthalmology: White, Yellow, Copper, Cholesterol, Blue, and More » Rings in Cornea ︱Rings in Iris & Lens ︱Rings in Retina & Orbit RINGS in EYES or RINGS in OPHTHALMOLOGY gives you a comprehensive list of all rings observed in all structures of the eye; from the anterior-most cornea to the posterior retina. This important … Read more

Lines in Eyes (Ophthalmology): Arlt’s Line, Stocker, Schwalbe


All About Lines in Eyes or Lines in Ophthalmology: Arlt’s Line, Hudson Stahli Line, Khodadoust Line, Stocker lines, Vogt’s and Haab’s Striae, and More » Table: List of all Lines in Ophthalmology (Lines in Eyes) Stocker Lines Rucker’s Line Arlt’s Line White Lines of Vogt Schwalbe’s Fingerprint Lines Sampaolesi Lines LASIK Iron Lines Hudson-Stahli Line Waring … Read more

Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes (Ophthalmology)

spots in eyes-dots-in-eyes-ophthalmology

All About Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes (Ophthalmology) » Table: Dots & Spots in Ophthalmology Gunn’s Dots Roth’s Spot Horner-Trantras Dots Koplik’s Spots Kayes Dots Fischer-Khunt Spot Mittendorf’s Dot Krachmer Spots Bitot’s Spot Leopard Spots Elschnig Spots Cherry-Red Spot Fuchs’ Spot Histo Spot Brushfield Spots Cotton Wool Spots Dots in Eyes & Spots in Eyes … Read more

Axes of the Eye: Optical, Visual Axis, Angles & More


All About Angles and Axes of the Eye: Visual Axis, Optical Axis, Pupillary Axis, Angle Kappa, and More » Optical Axis ︱Visual Axis ︱Pupillary Axis ︱Angles ︱Clinical Implications ‘Axes of the eye’ is the most conflicting topic in the ophthalmic world. Varieties of axes and angles of the eye have been defined over the years. Some of the definitions and … Read more

Vogt’s Striae and Haab’s Striae in Cornea


All About Vogt’s Striae in Keratoconus and Haab’s Striae in Primary Congenital Glaucoma: Introduction, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Management, Vogt’s Stria vs Haab’s Striae »  About Vogt Striae ︱ About Haab’s Striae ︱ Vogt Vs Haab Striae Have you heard about two popular striae in the cornea – Haab’s striae and Vogt’s striae? Today, we will be learning … Read more

Simple Lens Transposition (Rx) & Spherical Equivalent Chart


All About Spherical Equivalent (SE) Chart & Rx Transposition or Lens Transposition (LT): Introduction, Importance, Types, Examples, Chart, Formula and Calculator » LT Introduction︱LT Importance ︱LT Types︱LT Examples︱LT Calculator SE Introduction ︱SE Importance ︱SE Formula ︱SE Examples ︱SE Chart ︱SE Calculator  How do you convert a plus cylinder to a minus cylinder and vice versa using lens transposition (transpose rx)? … Read more

Double Vision (Diplopia): Causes, Tests, and Treatment


All about Double Vision (Diplopia): Introduction, Types, Causes, Tests, Online Test, Natural Cure, and Treatment » Introduction︱Types ︱ Causes ︱ Tests ︱Test Online︱ Treatment ︱Natural Cure What is Diplopia? Also known as double vision, diplopia is an eye condition in which a person sees a double image of a single object. When double vision affects a single eye, it is called monocular … Read more

Eye Drop Cap Color Chart – Decoding Bottle Lid Color Secrets


All about Eye Drop Cap Color Chart or Drop Bottle Lid Color Chart: Utility and Common Cap Colors, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Steroid, Antibiotic, Glaucoma Eye Drop Cap Color, and More » Utility ︱Cap Color Chart ︱Common Cap Colors︱Red︱Pink︱Orange︱Yellow︱Light Green︱Dark Green︱Turquoise︱Dark Blue︱Purple︱Gray︱Tan︱White Eye Drop Cap Color The prescription eye drop cap colors vary on the … Read more